Ridiculously Stripped-Down Sanyo Phone Runs On 1 AA Battery

Illustration for article titled Ridiculously Stripped-Down Sanyo Phone Runs On 1 AA Battery

Designed to look like some kind of oversized battery, this crazy phone actually runs on just one small AA. There are some tradeoffs: it's voice only, so no 3G or SMS; also, there's no camera or MP3 player, or even a damn screen to look at. Just those weird little buttons. You get five hours of talktime, then you toss the battery—or charge it up. (We're guessing this is a not-so-subtle attempt by Sanyo to promote its rechargeable NiMH Eneloop batteries.) Sorry all you budding ascetics out there, this sucker is Japan only. [Crave]


@Wegmans: 5 hours of talktime is useless? Perhaps you thought it said 5 hours of standby time, though if you'd clicked through to the Crave story you'd have seen it had 250 hours of standby time.

This actually looks very smart and useful. It ain't an iPhone, but I could see something like this being sold in a vending machine with a pay-as-you-go card. For a phone like that, the AA battery makes a lot of sense. No additional chargers or cables to worry about.