RIM Hit by More Corporate Extortionists

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RIM (Research in Motion), makers of the beloved Blackberry email communication device, is in trouble again. Just a few weeks after RIM settled a patent lawsuit by paying over a half billion dollars to NTP, another beggar extortionist plaintiff comes along, again calling for a RIM shutdown, saying the company has infringed on its technology. California mobile communications company Visto is the latest money-grubber, whining about how RIM violated four of its patents.

It is a little strange that Visto just licensed a few NTP patents recently, making us think this trial might just be déjà vu all over again. We're seeing the same thing around here at Gizmodo HQ, where one Internet beggar successfully tugs at our heartstrings—grubbing for a brand-new MacBook without having to do any work for it—and now every Internet beggar in the world is beating a path to our door, trying to get some publicity. Note to corporate and individual hobos of the world: Get a job!


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