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More bad news for Research In Motion today as a US District Judge denied the company's request to stop the legal proceedings until the US Patent Office decides whether the patents it holds are valid. In addition, the judge denied the $450 million settlement RIM reached earlier in the year with battling company NTP, which actually fell apart in June. Although we've heard RIM's co-chief executive officer, Jim Balsillie, say the company will absolutely not shut down Blackberry service using what he called a "workaround," we still haven't gotten any info about this technology. The only other way to make sure service keeps on chugging is if RIM does find a way to prevail in court (or just pays NTP to license the patent they've been fighting over).

If the judge does grant a permanent injunction and RIM's technical workaround fails, the company would be forced to pay a hefty fee to keep its U.S. BlackBerry service operational. (It has about $1.2 billion in cash on hand.) Any injunction, however, would not cut off BlackBerry service to government officials—only individuals and businesses.


That's nice to know, huh?

Judge to RIM: We're not delaying this any longer [Cnet]

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