Illustration for article titled RIMs Super Cartoon Funtime Experiment Already Backfiring

RIM says so itself: it doesn't need good phones and tablets, it just needs better marketing. Jonny Phone will buy a BlackBerry if he's persuaded by a team of poorly-drawn cartoon characters and a hashtag, right? Right? Guys? Right?

The new "Bold Team," so dumb I had to restart my computer to make sure it was real, is comprised of four diverse tween superstars:

GoGo Girl, The Achiever: "Saving the day with a brilliant strategy"
Justin Steele, The Advocate: "Always ready to stick up for his friends"
Trudy Foreal, The Authentic: "Not afraid to call it as she sees it".
Max Stone, The Adventurer: "Able to jump out of a plane…"

Their motto? #BeBold. Let's save the day with a brilliant Twitter strategy! And how's it going? Erm.


For some reason the rest of the #BeBold tweets seem to be coming from devout Christians, which, actually, may be RIM's only hope.

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