Ring the Changes (and Scare the Neighbors' Kids) with a USB Doorbell

Got a fever? I have, and the only prescription is DOORBELL—namely, this USB one from ReBell. Connect it up to your laptop or PC and download whatever sound you want to hear when your bell is pressed. Then fix it to the wall and connect it to your existing low-voltage doorbell wiring system.

Quick question. What would you have to herald the arrival of The Fuzz/Your Mom/Repossessions-R-Us at your door? Would it be Ring My Bell by Anita Ward? Jack Nicholson doing "Heeeere's Johnny!" in The Shining? Something from Ringo Starr's solo oeuvre? Personally, I'd have another Jack—White Stripes' Jack White—doing My Doorbell if I bought this—but then again, I wouldn't shell out, because it's $100 and I'm a tight-fisted git.


USB Doorbell [Think Geek]

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