Rinspeed Splash Sports Car Walks On Water

The Rinspeed Splash is a peppy sports car, going from 0-60 in 5.9 seconds and hitting top speeds of a modest 125mph. However, getting to a destination is not just about the speed at which you travel, but the route you take getting there. And the natural gas powered Rinspeed Splash, with the touch of a button, uses hydraulics to transform the car into a boat.

When cruising the water, a hydrofoil system—a mechanism generally reserved to lift hulls from the water to increase boat speed—allows the car to hover a few feet over the water while it uses a propeller to hit speeds of 45 knots (that's a respectable 52 miles per hour).


We're not sure how much the Splash costs, but needless to say, it's probably more than a car or a boat. [dailymail via newlaunches]

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