RIP Zelda Rubinstein, Our Favorite Movie Psychic

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Beloved movie psychic, Zelda Rubinstein, passed away Wednesday Jan. 27th. Best known for her work as Tangina Barrons from the Poltergeist movies, Zelda was the spark that made that franchise eternal. Hope to see you on the other side.

Zelda's agent, Eric Stevens, confirmed she passed away of natural causes at Barlow Respiratory Hospital in Los Angeles to Radar Online. She was 76-years-old.

It's almost impossible to describe how Zelda could deliver soul crushing scares and genuine warmth at the same time. The voice, her clothes, the hair, she was the bad-ass older Aunt who demanded the respect of every creature in Heaven and Hell with the mere gesture of her hand. Zelda took on additional roles in Sixteen Candles, Picket Fences and Mr. Belvedere. But to us she will always be Ms. Tangina.