Ripsaw MS1 Remote Gun Tank Races at 60MPH

After drones took over the skies, bots are now taking control over land. And looking at the Ripsaw MS1 gun tank running at 60MPH, it looks like war is going to get fierier, scarier, and more convenient than ever.

It's going to be convenient because the Ripsaw MS1, an unmanned ground vehicle that is designed to be easily fixed and replaced. Make them cheap, don't worry about armor-there are no soldiers inside, so who cares-, and just put them on the battlefield by the truckload, ready to destroy and be destroyed. The philosophy is terrifying.

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Developed with just $1 million by the Howe brothers in Maine, the light tank is controlled from a modular station that can be fitted in other army vehicles located out of the battlefield. The Ripsaw MS1 is all-terrain, and as you can see in the video, it can jump through obstacles made of concrete at full speed.

Needless to say, the military are excited: Gen. Peter Chiarelli, Army's vice chief of staff, called it "an amazing piece of gear" when it was presented yesterday at the Army Science Conference in Orlando. You can rejoice too, because soon there will be no soldiers killed in wars. Just the usual collateral damage of innocent civilans. [Howe and Howe via Defense Tech]



Well, according to every movie I've ever watched, all I need is a 13 year old young hacker (Probably Japanese) and a laptop. I've even provided the steps right here:

Step 1: Walk up to robot tank.

Step 2: Plug laptop into robot using any old cord. It doesn't matter. All robots and laptops have universal cords so they can interface easily.

Step 3: Access hacking terminal in the robot.

Step 4: Guess password.

Step 5: ACCESS DENIED is flashing red on the screen. Quickly press escape and run sub-program B.

Step 6: Guess password again.

Step 7: Use laptop to control robot. Nevermind that nobody wrote any software so that the laptop COULD communicate with the robot. We'll just assume it's all part of the cord that's connecting them.