Robert Downey Goes Into Orbit, Becomes New Angelina Jolie

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Not satisfied with fighting corporate crime as Iron Man or investigating steampunk crimes in the revitalized Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr. is negotiating for another SF project, this time directed by Children of Men's Alfonso Cuaron.


The movie, Gravity, was originally conceived as a vehicle for Angelina Jolie, before she dropped out following original studio Universal's refusal of the project. Now ensconced at Warners, Cuaron (who co-wrote the script with son Jonas) plans to shoot the movie this summer, allowing Downey the chance to be free for this fall's shooting of the second Sherlock Holmes. Assuming deals can be worked out, Downey will play the commander of a space station who loses his crew when an asteroid explosion kills them during a spacewalk, and has to work out a way to get back to Earth with only one remaining crewmember. Like so many other projects in this post-Avatar world, Gravity will be shot in 3D, making exploding asteroids that little bit more real.

Downey Orbits Cuaron's 3D Gravity [Deadline Hollywood]


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