Robert Downey Jr. actually owns a life-size, flying R/C Iron Man suit

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Reason #187 that Robert Downey Jr. is pretty much the real-life Tony Stark: He has a 6-foot tall Iron Man "armor" that can fly and he can control remotely. To be fair, he probably won't be putting it on to stop bad guys anytime soon, because it's actually an awesome, custom-made toy.

Apparently RDJ's staff had's Greg Tanous design this remote-controlled, Iron Man-shaped plane and then gave it to their boss as a present for wrapping Avengers. Do you realize how insane that is? How awesome must Robert Downey Jr. actually be that his employees gave their multi-millionaire boss a gift at all, let alone a gift this awesome?

Anyways, all he needs is 41 more and then he can re-enact the end of Iron Man 3 in his backyard.