People take movies on the road all the time; it's why so many minivans have TVs, and why PMPs play video. What people don't do, most of the time, is put movies on the road. Most of the time.

Rodger Cleye set out to make damn sure kids in his neighborhood had a fun halloween this year. Candy, you see, if a cop-out. The best adults are the ones who make robots. Every child knows this. Rodger knows this too, which is why he built the Robo Theater, a five-mph, remote-controlled projector with a five-foot screen.

And candy is part of the problem, people: what kids need now is a motivation to get out and exercise, even if that exercise involves slowly wandering around the cul de sac, watching Ice Age 3, kept alert by the slight but always present threat of becoming a pedestrian fatality. [Hacked Gadgets]