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Robosapien Caught Cross-Dressing as Spidey and Homer

Illustration for article titled Robosapien Caught Cross-Dressing as Spidey and Homer

Looks like our favorite hackable robot is going under the knife again. Not content with his previous body, Robosapien is getting a Spider-Man makeover along with the ability to make web-shooting noises and speak with a Spidey-friendly vocab. Also in the works is a Homersapien who will come with a sculpted Homer head and long list of Homer-isms. No word on pricing, but we expect both of them to be as hackable as their predecessors (and hopefully content with their newfound identities).


Robosapien Becomes Spidersapien and Homersapien [Pocket Lint]

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Hey! His name's like MY name!