Robot Armpit Looks Hideous, Smells Hideous

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The "fun" doesn't end there, folks—Kevin Grennan has built a small army of robot bodyparts, each more disgusting than the last. He actually outfitted each robot with sweat glands that replicate the odor from each individual bodypart.

So, you know, the armpits smell like armpits! (And the snozzberries definitely smell of snozzberries.) Grennan also built a bomb disposal robot, that "releases the smell of human fear. It has been proven that humans can identify this specific smell and it tends to enhance cognitive performance in. I propose that this robot would enable surrounding humans to work more effectively and to differentiate dangerous situations from false alarms."

I have a feeling Grennan hasn't got around to creating a robot-friendly can of Axe/Lynx just yet. [Kevin Grennan and We Make Money Not Art via JWZ via Boing Boing]