Robotic Carp Unleashed Into the Sea to Sniff Out Pollution

Those crazy looking robotic carp now have a job-a whole school of them are going to be released into the sea off northern Spain to help detect hazardous pollutants in the water.

Created by engineers at the University of Essex, they measure about 8 feet long, can swim at roughly 2.24mph and feature real fish-like undulating action. Each fish has its own navigation system, so they can swim around the port without human control. When their batteries are running low, they return to dock at the charging station.


So what's the cost for these fishy pollution sniffers? About $30,000. Yeesh. Didn't anyone tell these guys that money doesn't grow on seas? [The Register via Crunchgear]


Um, yeah, has anyone thought about predators yet??? That fish looks damn real.