Robotic Foosball Table Can School Human Players

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Every other week it seems that the bar for foosball tables gets set higher and higher. The new mark to beat comes to us from a group of engineering students from The University of Adelaide. As part of a final engineering project, the students utilized a 96-pinhole camera and LED sensor grid, custom-written software and a precision actuation system to create a table capable of beating the pants off of a human player. Seriously, if we put as much effort into other things as we do making cool foosball tables, we would probably have cured a few diseases by now. UPDATE: This is not the first autonomous foosball table ever built, but is definitely more streamlined than the Georgia Tech version. [Rockwell Automation via Born Rich]




Show me the person out there that is so good at Foosball that they want to play a computer opponent and I will show you the person that needs to learn how to order more beer.