Robotic Pack Mule is More Pantomime Horse than BigDog

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The BigDog, from Boston Dynamics, a company specializing in human simulation, is just weird. A robotic pack mule that runs on petrol, travels at up to 3.3mph over all sorts of terrain, and can carry up to 120 lb, BigDog has received $10 million of funding from the Pentagon. Check how it moves in a 2006 video after the jump.

[YouTube via UberGizmo]



In the future, history will preserve this video as the one that started the war between humans and robots. Of course, robot history.. we'll all be dead. :P

But seriously, this is both creepy and awsome! Creepy because the legs looks like real horse legs.

Or maybe like 2 people stuck in a steel coffin with their legs hanging out.. whatever

But awsome! I mean, one of the things you see people developing robots have more dificult is to maintain their robots straight. Like the video from Asimo falling off some stairs.

It seemed kinda stuck depending on terrain though.