Robots Make Picking Up Chicks Easier... and Harder

In this powerful morality play, a young man observes the pros and cons of picking up hot girls (and their robot dogs) using a clumsy bipedal cyber-friend. The best part is the translated narration.

Oops! I can't believe!
Oh. I'm sorry. My dog did anything extraordinary.
No no, my robot "Retro" cooked off. I'm the one who should apologize. He scared you.
Wanna go to cafe? I'll buy you a cup of coffee to make up for it.


The moral? If you can't talk to the only person who you share a cubicle with, you know, that girl who reads Package Business magazine, figure out a way to get your personal robot to cook off, making her electronic dog do anything extraordinary. This will scare the hell out of her, allowing you to then, only then, skip any and all introductions and invite that Venus for a cup of coffee. You know, "to make up for it." [YouTube via BotJunkie]



Clearly the man has it in for the dog. She has probably been bringing the annoying little yapper to work with her for months. I think he brought the robot to kill the dog with chocolate, (dogs can't eat chocolate) but he got caught because of the clumsy little fools short stride and lack of bridge. The coffee is just to distract her from the attempted murder plan, and try to get close enough to that little dog pull his plug.