Rock Revolution Drum Kit Confirms Absurd Arms Race

First we had Rock Band and their 5-button drum kit. Then we had the announcement of Activision's Rock Band clone (Guitar Hero IV) and its 6-button drum kit. Now, not to be outdone, we have word of Konami's Rock Revolution and its 7-button drum kit. And yes, it's all way too eerily reminiscent of "7-minute abs."


But even though Rock Revolution's drum kit looks like those of its competitors, the game is supposed to offer drummers more flexibility. Beginners can remove the pedal completely to ease the learning curve, and advanced drummers can feel free to fill in extra hits where they feel appropriate without penalty.

Still, we're starting a pool on the company/date that the first 15-button drum kit will hit consoles. Feel free to speculate in the comments. [MTV Multiplayer]

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