Here's What The Guitar Hero IV Drums Look Like

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Here's the first shot of the Rock Bandesque drum kit coming to Guitar Hero IV. Scanned from the latest GameInformer magazine, it looks like there will be three main drums, two cymbals and a bass drum. All in all, it's actually just one more drum/button than in Rock Band's kit (which will be incompatible with Guitar Hero IV, incidentally). So what do you think of it? I for one will not be investing in another set of faux instruments to fill up my living room. [Destructoid via CrunchGear]



I'm A Different Bird

Seriously, Activision, what's with the incompatibility? Do you guys think anybody's going to want to buy and keep 2 sets of overpriced toy instruments?

If you want to convert Rock Band's base, you need to let them use the gear they already have!

@combat chuck: Not really, but it probably wouldn't be too hard to rig up a MIDI port -> PS2/PS3 adapter. How good are you with a soldering iron?