Guitar Hero IV's Drums Will Have Six Pads, Two For Cymbals

Illustration for article titled Guitar Hero IVs Drums Will Have Six Pads, Two For Cymbals

Cymbals! That's what was missing from the Rock Band drum kit. Not missing, since some of the pads changed to cymbals whenever necessary, but it didn't have two upper pads dedicated explicitly to them. No more. Game Informer says the upcoming Guitar Hero IV will have a six-padded drum set, but a custom-designed guitar due to the legal problems Activision had with Gibson. You'll supposedly be able to create your own songs as well, but we're not sure if you can just import an existing MP3 and go from there, or if you have to create it from scratch. And by "scratch," we mean copying your favorite songs as best you can. [Primo Technology]

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So how long will it take for someone to come out with cymbal accessories so I don't have to buy MORE FUCKING DRUMS. I abso-fucking-lutely love my drums, but they take up like a quarter of the space in front of my couch. My wife would never, EVER, let me buy another set.

You'd think someone would come up with some little ones that clamp on to the supports of the original set.