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Yamaha is big in the musical instrument biz and thinks that your prodigy son who wants to learn the guitar is the greatest thing in the world. So Yamaha has introduced 2 new "learning" guitars targeted at beginners to help with strumming techniques, learning chords, and playing in general: The EZ-AG and EZ-EG. Shaped like acoustic and electric guitars, 15 pre-recorded songs are included for playback so you can learn at your own pace with the ability to just strum, just fret, or do both. A built-in speaker is included for jamming and they can run off batteries, but they also have MIDI functionality and a 9V adaptor. You'll also be able to download new songs once you're done learning the initial 15 that come with the guitars. No tuning is required, either, so the beginner can move on to a real guitar to learn that and other techniques. The EZ-AG goes for $199.99 while the EZ-EG will be $249.99 because fretboards that light up are purty and it's cooler to have an electric guitar. Duh.