Roid Rage short calls for a vat of Preparation H

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We thought we had seen it all after viewing the vagina dentata flick, Teeth. We were so horribly and completely wrong. Hold on to your butts and watch the trailer for short film Roid Rage. Plus, an ET music video.

Roid Rage

Twitch Film was kind enough to point out this particular gem by Ryan Lightbourn. We'll let the trailer and synopsis do the explaining while we inflate our ass cushion.

As mutilated hookers begin to surface in a small rural town, two FBI agents discover an unspeakable terror unlike anything they've ever encountered.

According to the YouTube site, the film is still in post-production, but we may be seeing much more as the teaser trailer is about two months old. We'll keep you posted.


[via Roid Rage The Movie]

White Lies - "Bigger Than Us"

The band White Lies has put out this crazy ET-esque video for their short "Bigger Than Us." Sure, the ending might be completely different than Steven Speilberg's original, but we couldn't help but start screaming "He's ALIVE, He's ALIVE AH HA HA HA!" at the screen the whole time, even when he was a candy bar.

white lies - bigger than us from EL NINO on Vimeo.

Beyond The Black Rainbow

Here's a crazy little film that has unfortunately fallen under our black rainbow radar. First off, this film has an entire analog synthesizer score from Black Mountain's keyboardist Jeremy Schmidt (awesome). And it takes place in the alternate dystopian past of 1983. To really understand what director Panos Cosmatos is trying to achieve you need to read this head trip of a synopsis:

Set in the strange and oppressive emotional landscape of 1983, Beyond The Black Rainbow is a Reagan-era fever dream inspired by hazy childhood memories of midnight movies and Saturday morning cartoons.

Deep within the mysterious Arboria Institute, a disturbed and beautiful girl (Allan) is held captive by a doctor in search of inner peace. Her mind controlled by a sinister technology. Silently, she waits for her next session with deranged therapist Dr. Barry Nyle (Rogers). If she hopes to escape, she must journey through the darkest reaches of The Institute... but Nyle wonʼt easily part with his most gifted and dangerous creation.


Now watch the trailer:

Watch for it's big premiere at Whistler International Film Festival Dec. 1-5.

[via Quiet Earth]

Noche Sin Cielo

This little Mexican alien monster movie had us singing "everybody hurts... thanks to giant alien mayhem!" You'll get our lame joke after you watch the trailer:

[Via Quiet Earth]