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Roku has given its product line a big overhaul, simplifying its branding and amping up the features of its cheaper models.


Instead of selling the LT, HD, 2XD and 3, the company has now adopted a much simpler device lineup: OK, Good, Best. Not really. It goes 1, 2, 3. That's nice and easy, right?

In fact, the 3 remains completely unchanged, but the rest of the line has been updated, bringing the 3's design to the range (except for the LT, which will remain as a super-cheap option). So, the 1 is stripped down, featuring a single-core processor, Infra-Red remote control and 1080p streaming., while the 2 features dual-band WiFi and WiFi Direct gear to power the remote control with its built-in headphone jack for silent movie watching. (By comparison, the 3 has dual-core guts and an accelerometer inside the remote.)

Roku has also refreshed its UI to make browsing content easier: Movies and TV channels are now standalone submenu options, and there are a selection if new themes, too. Speaking to Engadget, Roku mentioned that it had hopes to bring WiDi or Miracast to the platform, though it's not here just yet. The new Roku 1 will sell for $6o, the 2 for $80, and the 3 $100. Pre-orders for the 1 and 2 open today, but they're due to ship 1st October. [Engadget]


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