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Rollator Treadmill...That Moves

Illustration for article titled Rollator Treadmill...That Moves

The Oooms Rollator is a treadmill that breaks the rules, Fonzie-style. While most treadmills are designed to keep you stationary, the Rollator moves you around when you walk...just like if you were really walking. So what's the point? (plus bonus video after the jump)

The Rollator has three gears, so just like a bike, the Rollator amplifies your power through said gearing. This amplification makes mobility for the senior/disabled/cheap Segway users more efficient without confining them to the inactivity of motorized devices. And the concept works a lot better than this treadmill bike parody we laughed at before. Hopefully.


[oooms via technabob]

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Wow, this takes the Moonwalk to a whole new level. Does it have reverse?