Rollei da6324 Digital Camera

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German firm Rollei is rolling out (oh my, the puns!) the latest entry to its compact digital camera line, the da6324. Not surprisingly, Rollei has tried to put as much camera as possible into the small, just-under-5-ounce frame.

To answer your first question, the da6324 sports a 6.36 megapixel 1/2.5-inch CCD, which already makes it impressive for a camera its size. If you don't mind ruining the quality of the pictures you take (digital zoom), you can zoom in up to 12X, 4X of which belongs to the aforementioned digital zoom. Some of the more distinguishing features of the camera include a video interface, presumably letting you view your photos on your TV straight from the camera with no pesky computer software to get in the way as well as a microphone and speaker for your always hilarious voice overs. Europeans can expect to pay the equivalent of $253 for the SD card-based da6324 whenever Rollei decides to release it.


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