Rollei dt6 Tribute: Small, Not Much Else

Achtung! Germany-based Rollei's about to release the dt6 Tribute, a consumer-grade 6.36-megapixel digital camera that's "compact and stylish." (You know a camera has nothing to offer when the best thing that it's got going for it is that it's "compact and stylish.") Other stats include a 4.8x optical zoom that complements its 8x digital zoom, a 2.5-inch LCD and the inclusion of a microphone to record audio that accompanies the MPEG-4 video that it can record. Rollei only includes 32MB of internal memory, not exactly surprising given their track record of releasing cameras with very little memory, but the standard SD card support is here to save the day.

The dt6 Tribute does offer video output, so you can bore your relatives with slideshows from vacations past until the end of time. Look for it this month for around $360 on the Old Continent.


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