Rollei dx63 6.36 Megapixel Camera

The Rollei dx63 is a middle of the road digicam with 6.36 megapixel CCD resolution and 3x optical zoom, which is the 35mm equivalent of 35-105mm. There's 32MB of internal memory with SD card support of up to 1GB cards for added storage. You can use it, like most mid-range cameras these days, to take VGA resolution (640x480) movies at 30 frames per second, stored as MPEG4 format.

The dx63 has standard connectivity with USB 2.0 and supports ISO 100, 200 and 400. The 3-inch LCD monitor on the back gives you a nice view at the shots you've just taken—no more guessing whether that was Aunt Mary's mole or if the lens was just dirty. Available now for 299 Euros ($380).


Rollei dx63 [Lets Go Digital via Mobile Whack]

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