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Root Nearly Any Android Device With One Click

Illustration for article titled Root Nearly Any Android Device With One Click

You could already root the Droid X with a single click, but now? Now hardly any Android device is immune. Even Froyo-powered phones are falling victim to SuperOneClick. Liberty!


There's still not a comprehensive list of exactly what phones SuperOneClick is compatible with, but the initial word is that it'll root the Nexus One, Motorola Droid, and Samsung Captivate among others. It'll also allow you to side-load apps onto devices—like the HTC Aria—that have been restricted by AT&T. It's currently Windows-only, but expect it to be ported to Mac and Linux before too long. Another caveat: there's no unroot button (yet), so make sure you're sure. And as always, proceed with caution. [XDA Devs via Android Police, thanks Artem!]

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Starbury Sneetch

This is an honest question. If android is open and the app market is unrestricted, why the need to root? I have an iPhone 3g, I know why I jailbreak. To overcome the artificial restrictions Ma Apple has placed on my device and to tweak the outdated things that came with it (It may be outdated and underpowered, but my 3g is a scrappy go-getter. a grinder. It's like a white running back, or short, white shortstop). Is it purely for the freedom, the ability to do as you please with your device? Or are there other benefits.