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Droid X Gets One-Click Rooting

Illustration for article titled Droid X Gets One-Click Rooting

You could root your Droid X the old fashioned way, or you can download a program that'll do it for you with a single touch. I'm not gonna tell you your business, but this is a no-brainer, folks.


The program, by Alldroid forums member Sil3ntKi113, only works for Windows users, but it distills the complicated rooting process into a "Root Me" or "UnRoot Me" option screen. Of course, a rooted Droid X is only as good as the eFuse kill switch lets it be, so proceed with caution. [Alldroid via Droid Life via BGR]


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I've never "rooted" or "hacked" or "jailbroken" a phone.

Can you still update operating software, install app updates, etc after this, or does all that get locked?

It seems there's no real downside to this, except for voiding your warranty (but if you reset to factory settings, no one would ever know), and possibly bricking the device (I don't know for sure). Am I missing something?