Rosie Brings Home Control But No Maid Service

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Short of having the real Rosie the Robot Maid in your house, this Linux-based Rosie whole-house control system might just be the easiest to program yet. Its makers at Savant Systems say they're developing the open-architecture multi-room lighting and audio/video control system to be configured in a hundredth of the time of other Rube Goldberg-esque systems.


What else can Rosie do?

Rosie, the brains of these hardware pieces honorifically named Da Vinci and Beethoven, can control all the lighting in your house, hook up with a media server, be linked with iTunes and even have a concierge Web service that'll get you whatever it is you have a hankering for. It's all controlled with that little half-a-baseball you see in the picture there. There's no word on release date or pricing, but we want one with Rosie's voice programmed in.

Linux-based Rosie Home Control [CEPro]



Will this fall in love?

-because hilarity insues.