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Rovio Modded To Fight Blazing Candles

Illustration for article titled Rovio Modded To Fight Blazing Candles

The Rovio is the most promising webcam-wielding robot out there that, sadly, we don't exploit because of conscience. But one modder has tweaked the otherwise pervy spybot to become a brave and loyal firefighter.


Beyond the urban camo paint job, the Rovio was loaded with a remote control fire extinguisher and equipped with some software tweaks that allow the robot to spot fire (and subsequently annihilate it) autonomously.

Remember that scene in Iron Man when the robot kept dousing Tony Stark with the extinguisher at comedically appropriate times? That's what you can expect from this Rovio...which sounds pretty fantastic. [Robots Rule via SlashGear]

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kinda like a rhino. i heard they stomp out fires in the bush.