This is the secret weapon that the British Navy is hoping will help it in its wars on drugs and terror. As yet unnamed, the slinky little craft has been spotted buzzing around the waters of Poole, where the service's Special Boat Service—the equivalent to the Navy Seals—is based.

With speeds of around 60 knots (70mph), this razor-sharp and super-silent craft leaves barely any wake and is thought to be undetectable by radar. This is due, in part, to its angled design and radar-absorbent coating.


Designed and built by VT Halmatic, the defense company's website is keeping schtum on the boat, thought to be a replacement for two of the SBS's current tubs, the VSV (Very Slim Vessel) and its interceptor craft.

"Nobody knows too much," an anonymous source has been quoted as saying, "because there has been a lot of secrecy about them, but they are British built and have been spotted in Poole going very quickly." So, Shhhhhhh - you ain't seen it, roight?


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