Royksopp Video Chronicles Doomed Girl/Robot Romance

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Fresh on the heels of their carnivalesque Space Invaders video, Norwegian electronica duo Röyksopp have created an epic romantic saga for our time in "The Girl and the Robot," their new single featuring Swedish diva Robyn.


The single, from the duo's new CD Junior, tells the sad tale of a lonely woman who apparently finds physical but not emotional solace from her android companion. In the Michael Baldwin-directed video, the robot appears opposite Robyn as a cross between Hellboy's limpid-eyed Abe Sapien and a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Watch for that final narrative twist at the end of the clip, below.

Apparently anticipating the io9 take on this song, the Röyksopp boys have beaten us to the punch and helpfully compiled their own list of the top 5 girl-and-robot pairings in movies. Check out their list, and let the arguments begin over who was left off (how about Ann Magnuson and John Malkovich as Frankie and Ulysses in Making Mr. Right?), or whether Ally Sheedy's Stephanie Speck and Johnny Five from Short Circuit even deserve an honorable mention on this list.