Ruh-Roh: BlackBerry Storm Hit by Delays

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Man, this is scarily familiar territory for RIM. Multiple reports say that BlackBerry Storm release date is slipping. Sources tell RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky that the Storm is still undergoing certification at Verizon, pushing its launch back to late this month—or even later. Notably, Verizon hasn't announced a date yet, even though we're already a week into November. While there's no reason (yet) to think the delay will be nearly as egregious as the Bold, Boy Genius points out that Vodafone has already gently nudged its Nov. 14 date back to the 18th for pre-orders, and their forums are lit up with whispers of a delay. These aren't new rumors either. If at all possible, Verizon will launch the Storm by Black Friday, and we think there's a good chance they will. Just don't expect it too long before then. [Boy Genius]