BlackBerry Storm to Appear On November 14

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According to a tipster working at Verizon, the BlackBerry Storm-Research In Motion clickity-touchscreen rival against AT&T's iPhone and T-Mobile's G1- will appear on Friday next week, November 14. This is the reason for the new Verizon's $30 data plans, which will be obligatory starting on that date:

I work for Verizon wireless. Your post was correct: We are putting in forced data packs on the 14th. The reason is that this is the Storm's release date from every memo that we have been given access to, it will be released that morning at all Verizon Corporate stores. Second tier resellers, like Wireless Zone, will get it at the end of the month.


[Thanks tipster]


Okay all of you iPhone haters.

There is no keyboard. What do you make of that?