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Rule the Playground With a Chainsaw-Powered Tricycle

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As a kid, you probably came up with a lot of terrible ideas your parents wisely stopped you from carrying out; that’s why you’re alive today. But once grownup, you’re free to try anything that pops into your mind, like upgrading a toddler-sized tricycle so that it’s powered by an old chainsaw.

YouTube channel ThisDustIn is responsible for this monstrous upgrade, which swaps the pedals on a classic kid’s trike with a gas-powered chainsaw—minus the blade, which they’re perhaps saving for a future video. Almost everything on the tricycle had to be reinforced and upgraded to survive the speeds it was suddenly being subjected too, including the welds holding it all together, and the addition of extra-strength supports for the back wheels so an adult-sized rider wouldn’t crush them, although it doesn’t seem like these geniuses bothered installing a brake. I guess that’s what shoes are for.