Rumor: 3G iPhone Coming

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

According to an engineer who worked on the network/radio for the iPhone, there's a good reason Apple didn't have 3G in this iteration of the iPhone. He says less than 1% of Cingular customers have HSDPA capability—it's only available in a dozen or so markets. Plus, the engineer says the target users wouldn't know the difference anyway. Great confidence in the consumer, even if it's sorta true.


BUT, and this is the most important point, Apple's already designed a 3G version that's "in the works" with the FCC. 3G lovers may want to hold out for iPhone version 2.

Thanks Jon-Erik!



The UK too... all the operators have 3G coverage.. and at least 30% of the market has switched to 3G. And its growing very rapidly.

On the other hand I think only 1 network even has EDGE in the UK (and they hardly use it). The UK skipped right over EDGE.

Japan also has very high 3G coverage and usage, at least equal to the UK. Its actualy pretty hard to find a NON-3G phone in Japan, as all the latest phones are on the 3G network. Don't think there is any EDGE here AT ALL. Except maybe Willcom, who have like 3% of the market.

(Side note.. a 2mp camera isn't gonna cut it in those markets either.. most current phones have at least 2mp, usually 3 or even 5. And pretty much all new phones in Japan have GPS too - which is actualy themost useful thing on a mbile for years, I couldn't live without it now!)

Also, I hate to see how much the data plan is gonna cost.. even with my current 3g phone and only browsing "the mobile web" its amazing how much these things can cost.