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Rumor: Amazon's New Tablet Will Be the Kindle Fire

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After TechCrunch's MG Siegler gave his initial glowing impressions of Amazon's heretofore-unnamed tablet, we were understandably excited. A true iPad competitor. Now, with Amazon's unveil just days away, new details have started trickling out. Including a new name: the Kindle Fire.

Which... is kind of a silly name? Anyway, in terms of build, the 7-inch Fire has been confirmed to be very PlayBook-esque. That's because, as gdgt's Ryan Block confirms, Amazon called in the Playbook's designers, Quanta, to push the design out the door quickly. That shouldn't belie what's underneath; it'll probably have a dual-core 1.2GHz OMAP processor running a completely retooled build of Android 2.1.


And, sure, an iPad killer that does not make. You might even call the final product a tad rushed. But you maaay want to blame Barnes & Noble for that, as sources tell TechCrunch that an unannounced Nook Color 2 is right on the horizon. And their tablet will also have a dual-core OMAP processor running on Android 2.3. With their main competitor already getting ready to hit the field, Amazon likely wants a player ready to go and soon. Rumor still has it that this will hit stores this November for $250, with an extra $50 getting you an Amazon Prime account with tons of streaming. Still better than a Playbook.


So what happens to the regular old e-ink Kindle? Not sure yet, but Amazon will probably update their flagship product with at least medium fanfare.

But with a mature content environment that will only benefit from the newly inked deals with Fox and KEY publishers, Amazon is poised to have the one of the biggest tablet releases of the year. [TechCrunch, gdgt]


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