Blackberry PlayBook Heavily Discounted; Still Too Damn Expensive (Updated)

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Multiple retailers have started offering some steep discounts on the Blackberry Playbook. It's great news for you, but probably not so much for RIM. Oh, and it may not even be good news for you.

Boy Genius Report found that Staples, OfficeDepot, and Best Buy are all offering some pretty enormous discounts. (Up to $200 with mail ins.) Wal-Mart has also reportedly slashed prices the tablet, says BGR. It's kind of great news if you want to buy a PlayBook. (Hint: You probably don't want to buy a PlayBook.)

While the $100 HP Touchpad firesale was a pretty great deal, at $300 (or even $250) a 16GB Blackberry PlayBook is still too expensive. I mean, there's not even a native email client yet (despite promises one was coming in September). And because it's only a seven-incher, it doesn't even make a decent second screen. (Hint: You probably want something bigger.)


The PlayBook has got plenty of promise, but at this point it's still a novelty that I'd have a hard time justifying spending even $250 on, especially given RIM's slow pace of updates and improvements. [BGR via CNET]

UPDATE: RIM issued the following statement on PlayBook pricing: "The official retail price of BlackBerry PlayBook has not changed. However, as mentioned on the Q2 earnings call on Sept. 15th, we have a number promotional plans in place for the fall with our retail partners that are intended to drive sell-through and increased adoption of the BlackBerry PlayBook. We are already starting to see some of these promotions being implemented in the form of instant rebates and gift cards within the consumer channel, and expect these promotions to continue into the holiday season. The BlackBerry PlayBook has established itself as a high-performance tablet, and we are confident that these activities, along with the upcoming software upgrade, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, will help to generate an increase in demand and sell through of the BlackBerry PlayBook over the upcoming months."