Rumor: Apple's Giant Cloud Is Live and Will Rain More than Just Music

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Last fall, we lamented Apple's anemic internet game—Ping sucks, iTunes is outdated, and Game Center is left hanging in the background. Rumors indicate iCloud could change all that—an online Apple world, cohesively streaming all your favorite personal junk.


Apple Insider, citing "people familiar with the matter," says Apple is already using the iCloud label on internal projects, spanning services way beyond Spotify-style music streaming. The "digital locker" concept looks like it could be the real thing—supplanting MobileMe as Apple's core online presence. It'd be (potentially) comprehensive—storing all of your media to be accessed from any Apple device. Further reports that the revitalized MobileMe sequel would be free are a big bundle of cherries on top.


If true, this does nothing to resolve Apple's social schizoid status, (really, Ping either needs to be better or die), but it's an exciting potential step towards a tidy cloud package with all our beloved things inside. [AppleInsider]

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I'm not sure I fully comprehend cloud service. I mean I understand how it works. Your files are stored on a server you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. Streaming music being a good example. If you're doing that through your ipad or iphone that's gotta suck your battery down a lot faster than playing the mp3 file sitting on the phone. Same if your internet connection goes out, you loose access to all those files. I'm probably not seeing the entire big picture on this. I guess I have a hard time of relying too heavily on streaming everything vs having the files outright. I suppose this could end up being one of those things you didn't know you needed until you started using it and then it's the best thing ever.