Rumor: Canon Is Testing a 75-Megapixel Pro DSLR

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As camera rumors go, this one's pretty insane: Photography Bay is claiming that a reliable source has told it that Canon is testing "a pro-sized body like the 1D X" which packs a sensor with over 75 megapixels. Which: wow.


As well as an insane sensor, Photography Bay also claims that the rear screen is "shockingly high resolution" and that the camera's frame rate is higher than that of the 1D X, too. Additionally, the source also suggests that the new camera could be announced this year, with plans to take it to market in 2014.

But steady. Just because Canon is testing a 75 megapixel sensor in a DSLR—if it even is—doesn't mean it'll reach consumers. Indeed, rumors have floated around in the past which have speculated that a 47-megapixel EOS 1S is in the works, too. So while 75 megapixels is far from certain, a higher count than the current high end of 20 is looking pretty likely. For what it's worth. [Photography Bay via Pocket Lint]



How much will that cost? 10K?