Rumor: Dell Adamo to Pack Blu-Ray and eSATA Peripherals

Illustration for article titled Rumor: Dell Adamo to Pack Blu-Ray and eSATA Peripherals

A Google cache at Dell's site reveals a few details about their upcoming MacBook Air competitor, the Adamo. The leak indicates a few interesting things about Dell's plan for peripherals, and hints at price.


We already knew the Adamo was slated to run significantly cheaper than the expensive Air, and a leak this Thursday suggested a base price of around $1500. The Google cache suggests the Adamo will be packing DisplayPort for video out and eSATA for storage, and that Dell plans to release a host of peripherals alongside the sleek machine. The peripherals visible in the cache are a 2x Blu-Ray combo drive and a selection of external 2.5" hard drives, ranging up to 500GB capacity. This kind of peripheral use would allow for a very slim body, but at the expense of easy portability. We'll have to see how Dell plans to reconcile the issue.

The Adamo is still expected to be officially unveiled at this year's CES, but no shipping date (or really any confirmed information) has been released. Regardless, it's a fair bet that these few morsels of info are correct. [Electronista]



I bought a $2000 Dell Inspiron 9300 and it was without a doubt the WORST computer I ever owned. It was plagued with problems and oddly enough became the least reliable when I needed it the most for school. It was like it new I needed it to work. No frills, just simply turn on an work. So it would do things like overheat and crash and lose all progress of my work. Or one partition of the harddrive became inaccessible overnight, the one with my project. Or, suddenly there were yellow columns of pixels that would appear down the side of the screen.

All of this within 2 years of owning the computer. It ate 3 harddrives, 1 DVD-RW drive, 1 6-cell battery, 2 9-cell battery, and 2 power supply units.

So when you look at that price tag and think "oh yeah, that's cheap, why would I pay more for less?" you're getting a computer made with cheap parts to reach that cheap price. A $2000 laptop that self-destructed after 2 years is not okay. A $400 laptop, sure maybe.