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Dell 'Adamo' Could Be Lighter, Thinner Than MacBook Air

Illustration for article titled Dell Adamo Could Be Lighter, Thinner Than MacBook Air

According to this teaser site and this fashion site, Dell has a laptop coming that may be both lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air.


The NYT visually quotes Tatelman, Dell's VP of consumer sales of marketing, with a reaction of his "mouth [gaping] open and his eyes [darting] away." Tatelman followed with:

I think we need to get some iconic products out there, so people associate Dell's brand with other things." Namely, that's goodbye to clunky, and hello to sleek.


And an analyst says that Dell could "shave $400 off the MacBook Air price pretty easily." And a Hackintosh Adamo? We're excited. Sign us up for duty, Admiral. [NYTimes]

Engadget also has further details on the Adamo, saying it will be marketed as the world's thinnest laptop some time around February, featuring a black and silver color scheme. [Engadget]

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too bad the name kinda sucks. 'adamo' seriously?