Rumor: Google's Set Top Box Won't Replace Your Current One, But "Daisy-Chain" Them

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Google's upcoming set top box won't replace what you've already got, VideoNuze has reportedly been told by sources. Instead, it'll daisy-chain between the boxes and the TV via HDMI, bringing the best of the web to your TV.


All we know for certain so far is that the box will be built by Sony and Intel, run on Android, and use Google Chrome as a browser. VideoNuze's "additional information" heard from sources will show Google "contemplating an entirely novel strategy for its set top box."

"In other words, the MVPD's set-top's HDMI output would be connected to the Google TV set-top's HDMI input, and then its HDMI output would be connected to the TV. The authorized TV channels would still be delivered, but Google TV would collect data from the MVPD's set-top and introduce an entirely new UI for users to control their TV experience, to include searching and browsing channels. It would also add a host of new interactive web-type capabilities around the content."


Jason already ran through his wish list of features, which would include all Google services as well as support for Hulu and other streaming sites. [VideoNuze via SlashGear]

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I wonder if Google will tailor your internet ads based on what it logs you watching on TV