Rumor: Is This the Apple Tablet's SIM Card Tray

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Today in micro-rumors: Is this the Apple Tablet's SIM card tray? (And are we this desperate for photos?)


The SIM card tray you see pictured up top is supposedly designed for the Apple Tablet, and is built by Foxconn (the device's rumored manufacturer). It's definitely larger than the current iPhone SIM tray, but it could probably also be used anywhere. Either way, it goes on sale October 23 for $14.05.

[Edited to remove reference to the Bill Keller NYtimes Quote because a) we already know the tablet is coming, b) he was speaking hypothetically. And if not, well, we already know it's coming.—Blam] [Gawker and China On Trade via Engadget]


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$14.05 for a SIM card tray.

Yep, that confirms it's Apple alright. #impending