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Rumor: Microsoft Teasing Origami Mini-Tablet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've been hearing rumblings of Origami, a Microsoft concept that looks to be a smaller-than-a-tablet PC design. It might just be a media player aimed at the Sony PSP while also functioning as a tiny mobile PC. What looks to be a detachable keyboard is part of the fold-up design (that's why they call it Origami), and it's reportedly able to support WiFi and perhaps even 3G wireless. The skeptical among us astutely assert that when Microsoft flogs and teases something mercilessly, it turns out to be crap. Others are saying Microsoft may be trying to steal Apple's thunder with its rumored video-enhanced iPod waiting in the wings. Either way, we may be in for a battle to see whose tiny platform is the coolest and smallest. Stay tuned.

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