Rumor: Motorola "Morrison" Phone Gets Specs, Release Date

Illustration for article titled Rumor: Motorola "Morrison" Phone Gets Specs, Release Date

Remember Morrison, Motorola's rumored first ever Android phone? Well it just got some specs and a tentative release date, courtesy an early Monday morning leak.


The Morrison will purportedly be a budget line phone boasting the following not-too-shabby features:

Qualcomm 528 MHz CPU
256 MB of RAM
512 MB flash memory
microSDHC support (32GB)
320x480 HVGA display
proximity sensor
ambient light sensor
5 MP camera with autofocus
Also, GPS, 3G support, and wi-fi

The most recent rumors peg the phone with an October 21 launch date, but no price. [Android and Me via I4U]


1- Morrison has to be it's code name.

2- "appletoad" is a 100% right it looks like it came out of a cereal box...

3- but then again it's Motorola, so finally appearance will match guts (totally awful).

(my experience with MotoPhones has been far from even remotely good: bad reception, amazingly low volume, awful camera, stupid sync tools, and so on and so forth... the only good thing was their deceptive high quality casings, I mean they looked shiny and nice... that's all)