Rumor: New Plastic MacBooks Arriving with Refreshed iMacs?

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Since unibody MacBooks went Pro, Apple's only had one polycarbonate model—a $999 13-incher. But Apple Insider now says the rumored "thinner, sleeker" plastic Macbooks have made it to manufacturing, and may arrive with possible new iMacs by mid-October.


Last month, an Apple Insider source said the MacBook update would also include a "restructured internal architecture". It's now believed that could include Apple's latest internal battery technology.

Definitely a lot of maybes there, so don't get too carried away. With that in mind, though, refreshed low(er)-cost MacBooks and iMacs would make sense going into end of year shopping season. And with it all supposed to go down any time between this week and mid-October, it might be worth waiting if you're in the market for one...just in case. [Apple Insider]



So that means that this current MB will be the very last that has a pop-n-swap battery. C'est la vie. People are already adjusting. My question is: Will it keep FW400 to distinguish it further from the Pro, or will it get the 800 along with everything else? Aside from the shell and other goodies, the current Macbook is surprisingly close to the 13" Pro, sporting the exact same graphics. The addition of SD would be most welcome, but I have this nagging feeling that they'll keep it out, along with an LED display.

I would like to see the Macbook get a proper rigid magnesium shell, and ditch the glossy white and bring back the matte black. It'll be tougher, stain resistant, more scratch resistant and more rigid, which means no goldarn cracking along the corners or assembly lines. That won't happen I'm sure, but one can wish.

A thinner, lighter Macbook also makes me wonder about the Air. The current 13" Macbook Pro is already extremely close to the Air in stature, and then beats it handily in just about any other task. If the Macbook does likewise and is even cheaper, would there even be any market left for that?