Rumor: New, Thinner iMacs Rolling Off Factory Lines, With Mystery Features and Maybe Blu-ray

New iMacs aren't just coming soon, they've been rolling out for two weeks, according to AppleInsider. They're thinner and look more like the LED Cinema Display, with mystery features that make them the "most versatile ever."

One of those features might be Blu-ray (uh, finally), and another might something "related to audio." AppleInsider says they'll be extending the "capabilities of at least one technology introduced on the Mac platform as recently as last fall," which to us means either an LED display, or the unibody build. (Or hey, maybe it's a super Mini DisplayPort.)


Whatever's new, we wouldn't be surprised for the new iMacs to follow the overall Apple trend of packing in more features for less money than before, like the recent MacBook Pro revisions. Supposedly, the announcement will come any time between next week and mid-October, depending on when marketing feels like it. [AppleInsider]

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