Rumor: New, Thinner iMacs Rolling Off Factory Lines, With Mystery Features and Maybe Blu-ray

Illustration for article titled Rumor: New, Thinner iMacs Rolling Off Factory Lines, With Mystery Features and Maybe Blu-ray

New iMacs aren't just coming soon, they've been rolling out for two weeks, according to AppleInsider. They're thinner and look more like the LED Cinema Display, with mystery features that make them the "most versatile ever."


One of those features might be Blu-ray (uh, finally), and another might something "related to audio." AppleInsider says they'll be extending the "capabilities of at least one technology introduced on the Mac platform as recently as last fall," which to us means either an LED display, or the unibody build. (Or hey, maybe it's a super Mini DisplayPort.)

Whatever's new, we wouldn't be surprised for the new iMacs to follow the overall Apple trend of packing in more features for less money than before, like the recent MacBook Pro revisions. Supposedly, the announcement will come any time between next week and mid-October, depending on when marketing feels like it. [AppleInsider]



It would be nice to finally be rid of the chin on the iMacs. The aesthetic just looks so oddly out of place with that big plane sheet of metal extending below the screen.

If they want the iMac to be more versatile, then please put in an Express slot and a standalone SD card reader, so that people with an iMac can enjoy eSATA if they wish (or simply PUT an eSATA port on the back!) and novice photogs that only deal with a regular SD format can simply load their pics without an extra gizmo. Glare is not so much an issue with a desktop I find, since I can permanently set it up so that the light conditions do not mess with the screen, but an antiglare option would be welcome for those that need to use this in a bright room.

If enough goodies get put into the iMac, I may actually reconsider my stance on All-In-Ones and put that on the replace-G4-list.

I'd be inclined to say "Eh Blu-Ray is not that big a deal", but if I had an iMac with a BD drive built in, I'd probably become a storage fiend and start ripping compressed HD videos out of them.

As for thinner, I'd rather they didn't get any thinner than they are now. It's a desktop, so really, is the appeal still sticking?

Thinner sacrifices useful peripheral options, constrains the internals more and presents a greater chance of overheating, which was often a problem with some Macs when the form factors slimmed down from one generation to the next (Macbooks were very problematic for a while).