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Rumor: Nexus Two Will Be Announced November 8th, Same Day as WP7 Launch

Illustration for article titled Rumor: Nexus Two Will Be Announced November 8th, Same Day as WP7 Launch

Citing unnamed sources, Android and Me is reporting that the Nexus Two will be announced by Samsung at a November 8th (the first day of Windows Phone 7 sales) press conference. Google meets Galaxy S? Sounds like a potent combo.


The rumor has it that Samsung will start shipping the new device "soon," and that it'll be the first pre-loaded with Gingerbread (Android 3.0). The Nexus Two will also apparently be available on multiple carriers, although there's no word yet as to which, specifically.


At the very least, the timing's right for Gingerbread to make an appearance. And Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones have been among the best-in-class lately. But will Samsung be willing to abandon their Galaxy S skin for the purported Nexus Two to deliver a pure Android experience? If HTC could give up Sense for the Nexus One, I don't see why not.

We'll find out either way in a week and a half. This is one of those rumors that I'm crossing my fingers extra hard for; the world could use Samsung Galaxy S hardware with a pure Android experience. Or at least, I could. [Android and Me]


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Tony Kaye ⌨

Samsung? Yuck. The Galaxy handsets have a terrible feel to them.